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Security & Compliance

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Are you a Developer?

Tired of odd comments from your compliance office?

Keen to understand what you are linking into your project?

Bored of looking up open source details?

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Are you a Corporate Buyer?

Searching for more control over your software suppliers?

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Are you a Compliance Manager?

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Version v2.6.30 mit vielen Neuerungen und Erweiterungen

Vulnerability-Fixes, bzw. "bump hints"

Integration von OpenSSF Scorecards

Neue Reports, bspw. verbessertes Portfolio Overview

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Software Composition Analysis

Integrate TrustSource SCA with your build process to learn about transitive dependencies...

Identify Known Vulnerabilities

Get information on known vulnerabilities and receive alerts along the complete lifecycle of product

Version history

Get a clear view of the current version status across all your open source components

TrustSource provides a set of scanners that you may include within your Ci/CD tool chain allowing to inspect and document all transitive dependencies used to provide your solution. These dependencies are analysed for known vulnerabilities, newer versions and other viability factors. All components are legally assessed and compared with your project goals to derive the obligations resulting from the usage. Learn more, how to easy to use and apply…