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In this course you will get a short introduction of the factors that will impact the interpretation of a typical license. To learn more about the legal basics, look at the basic introductory course, which is also available online.

However, after having understood the basics, you will be walked through the two wizards that help you to complete the questions stepwise. Each question, its meaning and the potential answers will be presented to you.

Finally you will also learn how to arrange presets, so that your users will be able to pick from a preset list of cases instead defining all by themselves  and how to propagate settings across a project hirarchy.

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  • Subject are the TrustSource Legal Settings. In this course you will get a detailed description of each setting, the impact of selecting it and how to manage legal settings across your portfolio.


Understanding the Legal Questionnaire
In this session you will be guided through the TrustSource legal questionnaire. All options will be discussed and the different options as well as their meaning will be evaluated.

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