TrustSource und SCANOSS will work closer in supporting Open Source Compliance

In the run-up to the Open Source Summit Europe 2022, SCANOSS – provider of probably the largest database for open source information – and TrustSource – the automation solution for processes in the area of open chain security and compliance – have agreed to cooperate more closely in the future.

The OpenChain Tooling Workgroup has been developing the Open Source Compliance Capability Model over the last months. This model describes the different competences and skills required for a comprehensive handling of open source compliance. “SCANOSS has standardised >snippet scanning< with the first Open Source solution, which has been broadly adopted by Open Source communities like, e.g. OSS Review Toolkit”, reports Jan Thielscher, who is currently coordinating the workgroup. “This is exactly the area we (TrustSource) have been avoiding so far due to its complexity. Working closer with SCANOSS, we will be able to offer our customers access to their incredible information base. This helps to close the last white spot on our capability map by adding the snippet and export restrictions aspect.”

Currently, it is already possible to import scan results generated using the SCANOSS Workbench or SCANOSS CLI into TrustSource and thus follow up the findings in the compliance process managed by TrustSource. ScanOSS users are thus given the opportunity to not only have results available in the form of an audit result, but to integrate them into the regular context of a company-wide compliance management. TrustSource users will initially benefit from the ability to use the additional insights provided by SCANOSS. In the near future, the extended insights such as export controls, etc., which SCANOSS can provide, will also be available to manage or monitor compliance with in TrustSource.

“That will round things off,” says Jan Thielscher. “Of course, insufficient metadata, undeclared licences or unclear commit situations continue to pose challenges for OSPOs, but the majority of the tasks can already be automated thanks to the high level of integration and the many reports that are available due to the high level of integration. And that’s where the immense efficiency gain can be realised!”

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Learn more about the Open Chain Tooling Workgroup Capability Model, TrustSource and how much process automation is already available in the area of open source compliance.