For years, the same questions have arisen again and again in the context of open source:

  • Am I allowed to use open source in applications used for business purposes?
  • What are the consequences of using open source?
  • Is the GPL a “toxic” license?
  • What do the American licenses mean for us in Europe?

The irritation hits developers in particular, who are confronted with the use or deployment of open source in the front line. Now, computer scientists are rarely also lawyers, and even if law and computer science are similar in many aspects, it is not trivial to interpret a license without prior legal knowledge.
To help overcome this gap, we have provided a basic Open Source Compliance – Training. The training introduces the topic, briefly describes the background and gives insight into the essential aspects of licenses. More than 4 hours of video material, presentations and quizzes have been incorporated into the freely available, self-paced online training course.

In the course the participant gets an overview of:

  • The motivation and background of open source compliance,
  • The challenges that make open source compliance more than just making a list,
  • Solution concepts that help to anchor standard compliant open source compliance in an organization.

The presentations, held in English, are divided into small, short bites, so that they can be easily consumed in between online meetings or in short doses at the beginning of each day.
Direct access can be found here on the Trainings page.