Open Source Compliance Basics

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Über den Kurs

This course introduces the topic of Open Source Compliance (OSC). It is split into 4 chapters. While the first is not much more than a brief overview of the course and the potential audience, the second module outlines the motivation, why it is so essential to care about OSC. The third part dives deeper and discusses different challenges that come along with OSC. In the fourth chapter some basic concepts and further study materials are presented. Finally additional learning steps are outlined.

What Will You Learn?

  • By taking this course you will get a deep understanding of the Open Source Compliance topic. You will learn, what challenges to master and how to approach this. You will also know where to look for additional resources and how to proceed in establishing an OSC in your organisation.

Course Content

Module 01 – Introduction
A brief introduction on what to expect from this course, and who will benefit form taking the course.

  • Module 01 – Introduction

Motivation – Why should Open Source Compliance be of interest to you?
In this section you will learn the reason why it is essential to consider Open Source Compliance (OSC) as a topic to care about.

Challenges – Understand the Key Challenges of OSC
This section explains the key challenges aligned with Open Source Compliance (OSC). To successfully introduce OSC, you will have to master these challenges.

Concepts – Mastering Open Source Compliance
This course section introduces some basic concepts you should be aware of when planning or setting up Open Source Compliance(OSC) on an organisational level

Next Steps – How to proceed?
In this section you will learn about further courses and materials that will help you to move forward in your compliance process

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